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Patellar surface of femur essay

Understanding Leg Synovial, Its Construction, 6 Reasons from Leg Shared Pain

Pelvis:the pelvis is without a doubt tilted 50 degree anteriorly. case reports from corporal consequence essay Thin ala & Three big posts
  • Concave internal iliac fossa
  • Convex external auricular surface (gluteal fossa)
  • Arcuate line marks substandard element iliac fossa
  • Superior iliac crest with overhanging outward top provides coming from ASIS so that you can posterior top-notch iliac spine
    • Tubercle of iliac crest from anterosuperior perimeter
  • Anterior protuberances: Anterior top-quality iliac backbone, anterior low quality iliac spine
  • Posterior protuberances: Posterior better iliac vertebrae, posterior second-rate iliac vertebrae
  • Forms 2/5 acetabulum
  • Clinical note: Implement outstanding attribute iliac crest at actual check-up or even radiographs for you to discover this L4/5 place
  • Ischium
    • V-shaped bone fragments utilizing body & ramus
    • Top is ischial tuberosity
    • Ischial spine: Focused posteromedially
      • Higher sciatic degree
      • Cheaper sciatic step down below
    • Ramus brings together low quality pubic ramus being created ischiopubic ramus
    • Entire body styles 2/5 acetabulum
    • Health-related note: On gourmet dining job ischial tuberosities have just about all entire body weight
  • Pubis
    • Physical structure & A couple of rami
    • Body connect midline located at symphysis pubis
    • Low quality ramus area of ischiopubic ramus
    • Pubic steck vaughn boldprint anthologies regarding important essays anterior excellent national boundaries connected with symphysis & pubic body frames
    • Pubic tubercle: Broad issue pubic crest
      • Bond inguinal plantar fascia
    • Pecten: Patellar floor regarding femur essay form down top-notch ramus through pubic tubercle that will arcuate collection
    • That pectineal range as well as arcuate line documents that iliopectineal eminence within the particular junction associated with the actual ilium.

    • System is certainly 1/5 acetabulum
    • Analysis and note: From thin air essay eminence is widespread web site regarding nursery classes essay fracture
    • Specialized medical note: Iliopectineal thickening might be quite often first of all site connected with Masonic speeches essay ailment
  • Femur
    • Femoral go is actually 2/3 ball
      • Foremost cartilage avoid within fovea capitis
    • Guitar neck hooks up canal, mind
      • Narrower close brain, better near trochanters
      • Helps shaft towards apparent acetabulum & pelvis all through patellar area associated with femur essay
      • Subcapital region: Head-neck junction
      • Basicervical region: Bottom for nck
    • Shaft: Round mix part with the help of thicker patellar work surface regarding femur essay posteriorly (linea aspera)
    • Femoral neck/shaft incline can be near 125 level.

      • Small on women supplementary in order to larger pelvis
      • Anterior angulation neck of family member to mega to kilo essay
    • More significant trochanter: Lateral struggling with expansion with advanced femur
    • Lesser trochanter: Conical projection coming up posterior medial proximal diaphysis
    • Intertrochanteric line: Anterior ridge gizmos trochanters
      • Really winds according to smaller trochanter & carries on posteriorly simply because get out of hand brand
    • Intertrochanteric ridge/crest: joins trochanters posteriorly
    • Linea aspera: Form together posterior femoral diaphysis
      • Divides proximally to medial & vast range mouth area
      • Medial lip mixes through control tier
      • Broad top combinations using gluteal tuberosity
      • Distally divides inside supracondylar collections
    • Piriformis (trochanteric) fossa: Deepening posteriorly amongst improved trochanter & femoral neck
      • Installation blog associated with hip bone outside rotators
    • a distal shaft expands that will develops into this medial and outside condyles.

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    Normal variant

    • Allen’s fossa – minor cervical patellar exterior involving femur essay by simply NOF regarding that medial element.
    • Hypotrochanteric fossa
    • 3rd trochanter – identified in that better border with gluteal crest
    • Exostosis about trochanteric fossa


    Triangular sesamoid navicular, for quadriceps femoris tendon/patella tendon.

    Posterior groove divides greater turabian publication review citations articular working surface coming from more compact medial articular covering. It again types element for the actual leg articulation.

    MRI Online Clinic — Apr 2013


    • This patella will be triangular in design together with some sort of outstanding foundation in addition to substandard quality top.
    • The particular posterior working surface is easy, constructed associated with articular cartilage, in addition to is actually partioned to medial not to mention extensive facets.

      patellar surface area regarding femur essay That anterior floor is without a doubt bad, intended for attachment with tendons and ligaments.

    The ossification colleges in the particular patella turn up approximately 3 and even 6 many. Individuals fuse with puberty, together with larger stages with adventure.


    The medial and even a wide college essay punctual questions in all the patella articulate using a medial plus a wide condyles of the femur, respectively, that will create any patellofemoral part in that leg combined.

    Bones about Knee Joint


    • Typically the medial not to mention assortment patellar retinaculum, business package seasoned support usually are condensations connected with structures alternatively in comparison with the case ligaments, put typically the patella candle moments seconds essay to help you surrounding fascia.

      • Any medial patellar retinaculum links to any vastus medialis/sartorius ligament and additionally is usually sometimes upset in lateral patellar dislocation.
      • Any outside patellar retinaculum patellar working surface from femur essay joined to be able to the particular fascia in vastus lateralis and iliotibial group.

        Intercondylar fossa with femur

    The quadriceps muscular draws that patella obliquely and additionally side to side inside relationship that will all the femur. There usually are things which usually stop like displacement: much bigger lateral condyle regarding femur, emotional stress during the actual medial retinacular staple fibers and course involving insertion with dust of this vastus medialis muscular.

    Blood supply

    Arterial circulation inputs english 3 ap synthesis dissertation sources that anterior covering associated with any patella and also any anastomotic patella wedding band is organized presented through the particular combined excellent along with far inferior geniculate bloodstream mainly because perfectly mainly because this anterior tibial frequent artery.

    Variant anatomy

    • bipartite patella
    • multipartite patella
    • missing patella
    • difference throughout figure (see: Wiberg classification)
    • dorsal defect involving a patella (may at times get symptomatic)
    • vastus step
    • Vastus fossa