Thoughts of Winter Dissertation

In Refining Reading and Writing, " Thoughts of Winter" is defined as " Winter is the time that will get most attention from us through the scientific explanation, our mythological ideas and our personal determination. " (Santiago, 2008, pp. 82-83). I strongly agree with this statement. In scientific filtration, winter comes every year as a result of northern hemisphere is garbled away from the sun, so the globe is evenly distributed by the photo voltaic radiation. It always has chilly, dark snow everywhere. Second, mythological thoughts make wintertime so special. Evaluate to other conditions, there are many great beliefs and memorable common myths about winter season. Finally, Winter months has edge and disadvantage in our life. It makes all of us sadden, week, lazy, and often it takes place skin disease mainly because lack of vitamin D could impact in our body. On the other hand, winter has many interior and outdoor actions making us overjoyed. According to the Santiago:

When you think about winter, can it always arrive a cool part of your mind? Does the attention of winter move slightly straight down in your stage? In experts parent's motherland, the Korea, winter is an extremely unusual time of year compared with what Canadian people understand in here. (Santiago, 2008, p. 82).

There are many difference between winter in my country 'Bangladesh' and Canada. First of all, Bangladesh has a extremely short winter, but Canada has a long winter. For instance , In Bangladesh, winter comes from November to February every year whereas in Canada, the coldness of winter months starts via September and ends in Apr. Bangladesh is without snow, but Canada offers lot of snow on everywhere on winter. Second, Bangladesh has many different winter activities than Canada. For example, in Bangladesh, people usually like to visit places, perform picnic, and weeding wedding ceremony in winter; yet , in Canada persons like to do ice skating, skiing, Puppy sledding, Snow Tubing, and they also like to visit indoor spots such as Museum and Resorts. Finally, In Bangladesh,...

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