The Renaissance Research Conventional paper

The Renaissance

From the land of the O Roman Empire to there was clearly a darker age in Europe exactly where all technology and thinking stopped. Europe was a arena for se?orial lords and their knights looking to control surrounding territories. The dark ages started to end when Pope Urban the 2nd called for the crusades in the holy gets and the city of Jerusalem. The renaissance started in Italia, and dispersing to the associated with Europe by 16th hundred years, its influence was believed in books, philosophy, artwork, music, politics, science, and religion. The renaissance was a time of the truly amazing scientist and artist Leonardo da Vinci. The word renaissance translates coming from French to English in " rebirth”, that is precisely what Europe did at this time that they went from being ignorant and dimwitted to inventing some of the planet's greatest technology. Examples of these kinds of great inventions were the Ornithoper traveling machine, the armored car, the giant crossbow and the almost eight barreled machine gun and these were merely from Leonardo da Vinci, unfortunately just read was just prototypes and had been never produced in higher quantities. The renaissance began in Italy, and spreading for the rest of European countries by the 16th century, its influence was felt in literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, research, and religious beliefs. The renaissance was a moments of the great scientist and designer Leonardo de uma Vinci. Individually I think the greatest feat of the time was the printing press created my Johannes Gutenberg. Before the invention of the producing press to create a book this required having to hand write down thier words for hours. When it was going on reading was more for the bigger class good results . the creating press catalogs could be produced in higher quantities and this caused that more persons learned to see and expertise spread like wild flames, it also distributed Christianity since now there would be more replications of The Ay Bible. The Renaissance markings the period of European record at the close of the middle ages and the go up of the Modern world. It had been a...

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