The French Revolution The Great Fear Composition

п»їOctober 5, 2012

The Great Fear of France 1989

In 1989, a great horror struck Italy that would arrive to play a major part inside the French Trend. The peasants in the non-urban areas in France became very anxious and equipped themselves in response to many rumours of and building plots. Rural unrest had been within France because the worsening grain shortage of the spring, plus the grain materials were right now guarded by local militias due to gossip that bands of informed men were roaming the countryside. In a few areas, peasants would strike other peasants and noblemen. The causes of the truly great Fear had been the failed harvests and grain disadvantages, the lack of fascination from the california king, the lack of details, the punishments of the National Convention, as well as the riots with the peasants.

The failed pick of 1789 due to a harsh winter months caused wheat shortages. There are also many rains and floods in 1787 and the hail and drought in 1788. The owners with the granaries began to close them and did start to have personal sales to richer persons. With the grain shortages, there was a lack of supplies at the market. All of these challenges caused unrest in the Third Estate and riots to get bread. Rates of feed started to go up and the peasants could no longer afford that. This triggered men to riot to get grain and attack the granaries and lots of peasants did start to arm themselves to protect themselves from the assault or having attacked (Document 2).

Even after the failed harvest of 1989 as well as the grain rates rising, the king would not show any interest. A painter, who had sold a large number of paintings the year before, had donated the 8-10 million elevated by selling towards the suffering people during the hard winter of 1988-89. There was clearly no reference to any items from the royal princes or perhaps from the california king and princess or queen. The king and princess or queen did not also show themselves, hidden away in Versailles or hunting in nearby forests. The king suspected practically nothing, foresaw nothing and did not believe whatever he was told by his advisors...

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