the corporation motion picture Essay

International Organization

Movie " The Corporation”

" The US is the best nation to invest”. They call the bref apples to those companies that work in a data corruption base.

What is a corporation?

What corporations has been doing with us is usually act like a monster, it attacks without having caring about other businesses


It is about back through the industrial innovation, and the obsessions of expand the profits. The first organizations started from your need of production pertaining to civil battles, the industrial wave, the introduction of the railroad, etc ..

The legal " person”

What kind of person is a corporation?

These are the stockholders or perhaps investors concerned by the rules to represent the corporation. They just care to generate as much cash as the can. At this point they battle to be seen not merely as a money persecutor, yet also as an element of the world. Transform organizations into commitment corporations.

Ethics in corporations

Related to what we now have seen in category, we can aprendi in the video one more time, the unfair wages that businesses give to their manufacturers that live in bad conditions. Additionally, they remark that they give their very own sales to a charity foundation, very touchy and entirely unethical. Once more, in other to optimize their revenue. We can list several unethical acts like lying for benefit producing a problems for people's health (cow's dairy case). Spreading chemical goods in the domains causing loss of life and delivery deformations (American and Vietnamese soldiers specifically). CO2 and nuclear waste, causing environmental harms, polluting rivers, departing a damaging poison and chemical legacy for the future ages. They are services that had been guilt ridden and fined for mil of dollars ( Exxon, GE, Nixon, etc .. )

The pathologies of commerce

Disregard the security or thoughts of others. Layoffs are made each day without being fair.

How's the mindset of your corporation? Create, produce, more profits.. They don't experience fear, they can be predators. The main problem is...

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