Stereotype Risk Essay

Supplemental Reading: Stereotype Threat

In the article " A Threat in the Air: How Stereotypes Shape Intellectual Personality and Performance, ” Claude Steele discusses the empirical strategies used to evaluation a psychological theory named stereotype menace. Stereotype risk offers a brand new method for interpretation " group differences in standard test scores, ” particularly for African-Americans choosing standardized verbal tests and then for women taking standardized math tests (p. 613). It states that if somebody is in a situation " that a negative stereotype about your group applies, ” the person may " fear staying reduced to this stereotype, ” which can consequently "[hamper] all their achievement” (p. 614). Yet , in order to your effects of stereotype threat, a single must self-identify with the situation. This has uncomfortable implications as it implies that individuals who are most likely to experience stereotype threat are probably the individuals who show the most assure in their individual field, nevertheless due to repeatedly experiencing belief threat might end up disidentifying with that field (p. 614).

To support the theory of belief threat Steele and his colleagues' research aimed at " the intellectual performance in the domain name in which the bad group stereotypes apply” and whether or not reducing the pressure of belief threat might " increase the performance of otherwise stereotype-threatened students” (p. 618). To try for belief threat in women's performance in math, the experts recruited a sample of male and female college or university sophomores who considered mathematics an important element of their self-definition and offered them hard math inquiries from the GRE to answer. The researchers discovered that the feminine participants underperformed as compared to their equally competent male alternatives (p. 619).

The researchers performed a similar try things out to test for stereotype threat of African-Americans on standardized tests. In the experiment white-colored and African-American...

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