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September 23, 2013

" Road Warrior” by Sawzag Barry

Dork Barry's essay was released in 1998 within media company called Knight Ridder, which in turn specializes about newspaper/internet posting. This essay points out the speaker's sights and opinions mainly driving rage in Miami. This individual starts of talking about the National Company Traffic Protection, observing and studying the motorists' ways in the freeway system. Also, he the truth is declares his experiences with the idiocy of society. If he maligns motorists about traveling slowly in the left isle or speeding with their music on max volume, the way in which he expresses his craze is entertainingly comical. This individual even discusses raging in the parking lot and the supermarket. It can also be based on his develop that this individual wish others can be more considerate about his trend due to his peevishness. Terminology

Deranged – Mad, insane


Humorous, Indignant

Rhetorical Terms

Appositive" …motorists who also feel a need to drive inside the left-hand, or perhaps passing lane, even though they go slower than everybody else. ” (Paragraph 7) Parallelism" Maybe they participate in some kind of spiritual cult…Maybe once, years ago, these types of motorists were driving…” (Paragraph 7) Hyperbole" …we will need to employ Miami residents choose shopping carts; we'd merely have about two dozen to block the entire Philippine border. ” (Paragraph 14) Simile" …that many of your fellow drivers have the same mind structure being a cashew” (Paragraph 6) Onomatopoeia " You may honk for them, however it will have simply no effect. ” (Paragraph 8)

Discussion Questions

1 . What caused Craig to have Building Rage? (Clarification) 2 . Will Barry's style of writing help us appreciate his attitude towards road users? (Style) 3. If you were in Barry's circumstance, how do you react in addition to what methods can you manage yourself? (Application) Quote

" My level is that there are many causes intended for rage inside our modern globe, and if we're going to avoid unnecessary violence,...

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