Essay upon Qantas Primary Competencies

Qantas's Core Competencies (by Yong)

Based upon persistent study by Grant Samuel & Acquaintances, Qantas is among the most suc-cessful airlines in the world with stable long term growth potential (Qantas Airways Limited 2007). Qantas is one of the best performing flight companies in the world which has a number of very attractive core expertise as follows.

Qantas's Core Expertise

Deccan's Benefit if Combined with Qantas

Strong brand: Qantas is actually a globally recognized brand that enjoys excellent brand equity and spectacular customer devotion (with over 4. six million associates of their frequent flyer pro-gram); Qantas connects Australia to most ma-jor destinations in the world in every continent. Moreover, Qantas has a reliable man-agement team.

Indian clients will tend to believe that Dec-can service will improve based on trustworthiness of Qantas. This makes Deccan more competitive than any other Indian flight companies. World's safest airline: Qantas is one of the oldest airlines on the globe that has a fantastic record in complete safety. As a result, Qantas is univer-sally known as the planet's safest aircarrier. Qan-tas has an international status for engineer-ing workmanship. Qantas operates one of many largest plane engineering and maintenance companies in the Asia Pacific region, pro-viding protection, inspections, upgrades, re-fits, products on hand management and engineering schooling primarily pertaining to Qantas but in addition for other flight companies.

Deccan will be better its protection record while using support of Qantas's architectural and mainte-nance expertise. Safety is viewed as the most important factor think about which air travel to fly. Comprehensive experience and knowledge: Qantas has long experience and abundant ex-pertise in 1)both domestic and international flights;

2)both a full assistance airline (Qantas) and an affordable carrier (Jetstar); and 3)all levels of people (premium seg-ment, economic segment, and budget segment)

If Deccan chooses to go worldwide or launch...

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