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StandardS utilized COSPAS-SARSAT Big t. 001/T. 007 class2 RTCM SC110 A SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE 11010. a couple of ETSI SOBRE 302-152-1 AS/NZS 4280. a couple of NSS-PLB06 environmental Exterior End: Sealing: Momentary immersion to 10m (30 ft) intended for 5 minutes. (IP fifty eight, IPX7) Working temperature: Course 2, -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F Storage space temperature: Class 2, -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to +158°F) Arete: MIL-STD-810E (10, 000 feet) Battery Battery pack Type: 6V Lithium Steel Battery safe-keeping: 5 years Battery substitute: By service centre Power supply use: Logged by microcontroller. operation Account activation: Three stage manual account activation Self test out: Tests receivers, battery and light SOS adobe flash light: Morse code SOS pattern (30 operations allowed) tranSportation Air flow cargo: ALGUN 3091, not restricted, IATA SP 188 - PI 970 electric 406. 037 MHz transmitter: ± 1KHz, 5W ± 2dB 121. 5 MHz transmitter: ± 3KHz, 50mW ± 3dB PERP Homer sweep course: UP or DOWN Send Antenna: Deployable flexible straight blade Development: Optical Infra-red link software phySical SafeLink SOLO: Category 2, is not going to float Size (D times W times L): 36 x 40 x 112mm (1. 42” x 1 ) 97” back button 4. 40”) Weight: 165g (5. 8oz) GPS: 60 channel Obtain Antenna: Porcelain Patch GPS Self test out: Position obtain test (10 operations allowed) part numBer K91-001-310A SafeLink SOLITARY PLB (with GPS) price tag pack A SafeLink SOLO PLB is not an ELT or an EPIRB and meet the regulatory requirements for an ELT or an EPIRB.

unexpected emergency Location beacons

the most small plB provided by buoyancy sack included

The SafeLink ALONE is particularly useful for sailing and water sports lovers as it is water-proof to 12 metres and buoyant when ever used in is actually flotation sack. It also comes complete with a lanyard to keep the PLB about your hand, and a universal pouch allowing the PLB to be attached to a belt or perhaps strap.

406 MHz GPS Personal Position Beacon

all you need is included inside the box: SOLITARY Lanyard

Universal sack Buoyancy...

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