PPT Business presentation Talking Points Ethnical Revolution and its Aftermath Alyse Craig Study Paper

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Introduction: (2 minutes)

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Get ready Activity: (5 minutes)

How's everyone this process evening? Wonderful!

Okay, to get all of us started considering why the Chinese people, mostly cowboys, some landowning peasants, while others

supported Mao & the Communist's, we have now to know what

China was just like before that they est. the PRC in 1949.

My name is _______ & my co-instructor's name is usually _______.

The title of tonight's lesson is definitely " Chinese Revolution & its Aftermath. ” We will be covering the period in Chinese record, from 49 to 1976.

Why are these kinds of dates significant? (Answer: Oct '49 Mao &

Communism est. Peoples' Republic of China & Sept '76 Mao dead & the, so-called, " Gang of Four” are prosecuted in Oct ‘76). The famous events we are going to most desire for are the Wonderful Leap Forward, 1958-61 & the Cultural Innovation, 1966-76. However , we'll likewise spend some time on the end of China Civil Conflict, 1949, Mao/Communist Take-over of China, 49, and the first

Five-Year Prepare, 1953-57.

What a lot of data to absorb rather quickly, if you missed it or need to refer to it after, it's written up on the board.

Today, posted on the slide lurking behind me is definitely the Central Question of tonight's lesson, which can be " Simply how much violence is usually justified in building a better society? ”

You'll want to settle focused on this question through the entire lesson. We will be making recommendations, directly & indirectly, to it all throughout tonight's lessons.

At the end of the lesson, were going to request you to answer this kind of question, employing specific good examples you discovered tonight. So , it's important to stay focused and have notes.

We'd like you to support us response this issue by taking a

couple of minutes to jot down on paper what China was like before Mao came to electrical power.

When two minutes include expired, request if college students would

teach/share their response with the school?

Possible Right Responses:

1 ) Last lording it over dynasty, the Qing, ethnically Manchu, not really Han (90% of population), alienated most people.

2 . Nationalist era, 1912-49 was a fight to regain

independence from foreign powers who dominate


3. Regional warlords dominated most of China and tiawan.

4. Nationalist in Peking had small actual electricity.

5. Mao makes name for him self in 10/34-10/35 (the Very long

March: 6K miles/100K lowered to 8K) & in '37 when

Chinese WORLD WAR II begins.

6. Japan's breach, '37, destroys quality from the Nationalists army, paving the way in which for Communists to gain a foothold.

several. After the war, the Nationalists want what they lost back. This leads to wide spread gov't problem & military troops

robbing from the peasants.

8. Additionally, the Nationalist base was the gentry

(landowners) class & middleclass, certainly not the country

peasantry (the most significant group). Although they made strides

toward a better world, it wasn't enough.

Chinese language Characters convert as " The Oriental People's

Freedom Army is definitely the great university of Mao Zedong

thought. ”


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Background: (2 minutes)

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Position: (2 minutes)

Just likely to quickly strike the shows of Chinese language history

to create you up to speed for the lesson. If at any time I go to quickly or go off on tangent, you can always make reference to the

go behind me to get the key information you need to


So , on the Map behind me you see China's in a pretty rough part of the global community.

1) China and tiawan was a leading civilization for years and years

2) 19th & twentieth centuries, Cina beset by simply famines, detrimental

unrest, army defeats, and foreign profession (Does

anyone know when ever? Lost Initial Opium War, 1840.

Manufactured concessions initially w/ GIGABITE, then additional European

capabilities, USA, & Japan. That only ended after Mao came

to power.

3) Mao/Communist takeover in Oct 1949. By? The

Nationalist/led by Chiang Kai-skek/they get Taiwan.

4) First years under Mao was welcomed with relief & happiness

after years of turmoil. The Communism rid the

streets of prostitutes, gangs & opium play rooms. Women

approved equal status & the justification to divorce...

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