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Running Mind: DATABASE PITCH 1

Database Pitch


April 15, 2013

Eric Godat


Databases Proposal


April 15, 2013

(Name of Business)

People, as you could possibly be aware, the information strategy is outdated. Were having trouble keeping our consumer information accurate and up to date. We have been employing Microsoft Surpass to keep these details to include transactions that we have made out of our customers. It is difficult for people to search for customer info and are needing an information program that is more effective. Microsoft Gain access to is the better choice. It will give us appropriate and trusted information whenever we need it. Another plus to get our organization is cost. Microsoft Access is the less expensive alternative compared to the other information systems, like Oracle. Microsoft Gain access to also has even more trained consultants than some other information program, making it easier for people to get support in our growing business needs.

Microsoft company Access works with with many information devices like Microsoft company Excel. Will probably be able to transfer all our existing information that may save us countless hours of manual suggestions. Although Microsoft company Access is a bit more difficult to navigate and work with than Microsoft Stand out, with right training this technique will be much more efficient to the business. We will be able to look up the information we require with greater accuracy. Since our organization is growing Ms Access can store the growing customer's information, and is accessed to look at by basic commands in contrast to looking up information one by one.


With all these new...

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