Essay about Effectiveness of Vinegar and Cold Drinking water in Decreasing Body Temperature in Pediatric People at EBMC




Fathia Attia Mohammed, Elsayeda Ibrahim Ahmed stated that vinegar is actually a liquid material consisting generally of acetic acid and normal water, the acetic acid being made through the fermentation of ethanol by lactic acid bacteria. Vinegar, from the French vinegar, meaning " bitter wine, ” can be made from almost any fermentable carbohydrate resource, including wine beverage, molasses, schedules, sorghum, pears, pears, grapes, berries, Melons, coconut, honey, beer, maple syrup, taters, beets, malt, grains, and whey. Initially, yeast ferment the organic food sugar to liquor. Next, acetic acid bacteria (Acetobacter) convert the alcohol to acetic acid not sure this is relevant. " Avicenna, in his well-known book " The Rule of Medicine”, mentioned a lot of beneficial therapeutic uses for vinegar: it is a strong clotting agent, it cures burns and skin br?lure, and it relieves head aches caused by heat. He likewise considers white vinegar a good intestinal supplement. Trash can Qayyim Al-Jawziyya also brings up the is worth of white vinegar in his publication, Al Tabb al Nabawi (The Prophetic Medicine). In this book, he mentions that wine white vinegar helps against gastric irritation and bile disease, and prevents the effects of toxic medications and poisonous mushrooms. This individual also paperwork that white vinegar quenches being thirsty, acts as an appetite stimulating, and inhibits tumors' by occurring and also helps in the digestion process. Fever is usual encountered inside the hospital. Therefore we chose to find alternatives that can increase the usual TSB. We arise to an concept of using white vinegar because of the recommendations of the old folks. They will perform this sort of practice as being a tradition within their barangays. Through this examine we want to confirm the effectiveness of white vinegar and find info that can support the recommendation of the outdated folks. And according to the research of Foreign Journal of NA Science entitled An evaluation of vinegar compress vs . Cold Drinking water and drinking water with white vinegar for dealing with of fever at Tropical Hospital, based upon the result that they've got vinegar compress quicker. In terms of cutting down body temperature which is was done in their region. In view of this kind of we just want to perform that

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to determine the in the effects of vinegar and cold drinking water in lowering the body temperature in Pediatric Patients in EBMC.

Particularly, it looks for to answer the next questions:

1 . What are the demographic profile of the participants in terms of: 1 . 1Age

1 ) 2Sex

1 ) 3Diagnosis

1 ) 4Length with the occurrence of fever

installment payments on your How many degrees the actual temperature lowered with the use of vinegar? Cold normal water? 2 . 140 minutes

2 . 21 hour

2 . 32 hours

a few. Is there a factor in reducing the body temperature with the use of vinegar and cool water within just: 4. 1 30 minutes

4. 2 one hour

4. 3 2 hours

Conceptual Framework

This kind of study stresses the effectiveness of vinegar and chilly water in lowering body temperature in The chidhood Patients for EBMC. The conceptual paradigm below is going to summarize the theory. The dedication of the impartial and reliant variable was done to demonstrate scope and purpose of the research. INTERVENING VARIABLE

Pediatrics given PRN meds.



Frosty water


Decreasing the body temperature

Figure you conceptual paradigm

Considering since independent changing is white vinegar compress that contain 1 cup natural vinegar or the " Tuba”. It has been explained by Fathia Attia Prophet and Elsayeda Ibrahim Ahmed that vinegar is include acetic acid which can be being created fermentation of ethanol alcoholic beverages that helps to lower the body heat. Another impartial variable is usually cold drinking water compress. It is just pure chilly water from the faucet. Whilst dependent adjustable as the lowering body's temperature...

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