Optimal Capital Structure Dissertation



This report tries to visualize " OPTIMAL CAPITAL STRUCTURE” and represent the reality that include top features of capital composition, determinants of capital structure, and habits of capital structure, types and ideas of capital structure, theory of ideal capital framework, risk linked to capital framework, external assessment of capital structure and some assumption related to capital structure.


•To determine features of capital structure

•To know about determinants of capital structure

•To evaluate pattern and type of capital framework

•To identify the types and ideas of capital structure

•To analyze the theories of optimal capital structure

•To determine the chance associated with capital structure

•To have an overview about external assessment of capital composition •To know the assumptions associated with capital composition


•Books on financial management

•Articles released on capital structure

•Search out several websites to get data collection related to capital structure decisions.


Capital composition is one of the most complex aspects of financial decision making because of its interrelationship with other economical decision parameters. Poor capital decision can result in a high cost of capital thereby lowering the NPVs of projects and making associated with them undesirable. In useful sense, a good can probably more readily maximize its benefit by bettering quality and reducing costs than fine tuning its capital structure. Effective capital structure can decrease the cost of capital, resulting in bigger NPVs and even more acceptable tasks, and thus increasing the importance of the firm. A business's major decision is it is financing decisions which are analysied in the theory of corporate capital structure and based upon the style developed by Dodd (1986), capital structure is decided mainly by simply three agency costs variables- agency value, agency financial debt and individual bankruptcy risk and other potential parameters such as development rate, earnings and functioning leverage. The firm's capital structure will need to result from balancing the costs of certain interactions between organization related teams. Somtime agent does nat act consistent with the established objectives of the principal. •Shareholders are the owner of the company. If investors value boosts they will be taken advantage of and vice-versa. shareholders worth maximization depends on managers actions. But as a rational becoming, managers try to maximizes their particular interest. Consequently agency and equity price arises which usually tend to discourage the use of collateral. •Debt cases have no tone of voice on administration issue. Managers are dependable only to the firm. So , they are aiming to maximize the wealth of investors not financial debt holders. There may be an agency-debt cost which in turn discourages the issuance of debt. •There is a prospect of bankruptcy in the event the firm acquiring more personal debt capital. Since the greater the firms debt capital, bigger the possibility of arrears on curiosity and capital repayment. •Three other potential determinants of capital structure are also contained in the model produced by Dodd. Businesses growing for higher prices should have larger debt percentages than firms with reduced growth prices. The relationship among debt percentages and development rate is usually expected to be positive. Firms with higher success ratio can be expected to have more equity than firms with lower percentages. Management of companies with high operating leverage could use lower levels of financial leverage i. e. debt.


Capital structure may be the manner in which a firm's property are financed; that is, the right-hand area of the "balance sheet". Capital composition is normally portrayed as the proportion of each form of capital utilized by the firm-debt, preferred inventory, and common equity. Combination of capital is known as capital framework. The firm may use only equity. Or perhaps only debt, or a combination of equity and debt, or maybe a...

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