On Behalf of Others Essay

10/26/12 Mrs. Acosta

On behalf of Other folks

On Behalf Of Other folks

Individuals who are below certain circumstances should have all their situations exploited in order to avoid having more persons suffering. I agree with Agee's claim mainly because if their situations are not used then they can't be given aid and it can't be avoided in the future. Inside the documentary " Old People In Jail” by Tim Gruber displays some aged people appear to be they really should not in prison. What jail does to the people is make sure they are look elderly then they are. On behalf of others I feel that having old people in prison is certainly not fair because they will not die in peace, they might die in a place that they don't want to be in. With this documentary the specific situation is that older people really should not be in imprisonment because it is detrimental to their health insurance and it gets rid of them faster. Another documentary called " Migrant Mother” is about a mother who will be taking care of her children following the dust bowl. The mother and her kids have to survive on frosty vegetables that they saved up. The migrant mother's situation is that she was left alone with limited food to deal with her family members, but seeing that her circumstance was used she and also other migrants could actually receive aid from the government. Inside the documentary " Joshua Febres: The Unsure Gang Member”, Joshua is usually an secondary school student and he was associated with a company, he was also selling/doing drugs and he stopped undertaking all these awful thing and went back to varsity to get the high school diploma. Joshua and a lot of students have the same situations every year, plus they usually end up dropping away, By having his situation exploited other students can learn that if they make an effort they can still have a chance of passing and obtaining a diploma. Within documentary the documentarian JR takes photos of people performing goofy and making looks, and articles them up on walls, about stairways, around the sides and tops of trains. Exactly why he does this is to show people around the globe that they are all the same...

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