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Artwork. 1305 – A contract is known as a meeting of minds among two persons whereby 1 binds himself, with respect to the various other, to give something or to make some service. Classifications of contract:

1 . According to name or designation:

* Nominate agreement – provides a specific brand or status in regulation. ( rental, agency, sales ) 2. Innominate deal – is without specific brand or naming in legislation. ( I give that you may do ) ( I actually do that you may give ) ( I do that you may do ) 2 . Relating to excellence:

* Consensual contract – perfected simply by mere permission.

2. Real agreements – mastered by the delivery of the factor subject matter with the contract. * Solemn legal agreements – which requires conformity with particular formalities recommended by law. ( donation ) 3. In respect to trigger:

5. Onerous – the get-togethers are reciprocally obligated to one another. * Remuneratory or remunerative – to reward the service that had been previously made by the get together remunerated. 5. Gratuitous – the cause of which can be the liberality of the benefactor or giver. ( pure donation ) 4. In respect to form: identifies the manner where a contract is executed or perhaps manifested. * Informal or perhaps common deal

2. Formal or perhaps solemn deal

5. According to person appreciated:

* Unilateral – merely one party is usually obliged to comply with a prestation. * Bilateral – when each party are mutually bound to the other person. 6. According to dependence to another agreement:

* Preparatory – entered into as a method to an end. ( firm, partnership ) * Accessory – based upon another obtain its presence and quality. ( mortgage, guaranty ) * Principal – does not depend due to its existence and validity upon another agreement but is usually an indispensable condition for the presence of an equipment contract. ( sale, lease contract ) several. According to risks:

5. Commutative – when one particular party is definitely the equivalent of the of the other. ( sale, rent ) * Aleatory - dependence after an...

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