Mobinil Composition


About Mobinil

It really is owned by large international successful organizations: France telecommunications & Sawiris enterprises ORASCOM It is the first company started out telecommunication in Egypt.

It offers a range of mobile phones & services.

This keeps up with advances in technology and it continues in searching for new products & offers. It's the market leader in Egypt with more than 30 million customers. It provides consumers with a premium quality products & /or providers in affordable. It has the greatest market share & market expansion.

Mobinil Eyesight

Become the favored communications provider in Egypt.

Mobinil Objective

Providing the very best costumer encounter, being a wanted employer, creating value to get our investors and proudly contributing to the development of our country. Swot Research:

Strong points:

1 . Market head.

2 . Use of an effective analysis and industry intelligence.

three or more. Has a superb network.

some. Has a strongly determined technical and administrative management. your five. Has large costumer basic.

6. Production quality.

several. Technological skills.


1 ) Competitive weakness.

2 . Slow customer development.

3. Top quality concerns regarding franchised procedures.


1 ) Opportunity to increase all over the world.

2 . Rapid within technology.

three or more. Potential of getting new assets.

4. New distribution stations.


1 . Strong rivals.

2 . Competition reasonable campaigns that appeal to customers.

a few. Probability of losing consumers due to competitors services. some. Cost of technology investment.

five. Increasing competition.

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