Mba Tasks Essay


Chapter 1

❖ Executive Overview

❖ Intro

❖ Auto Industry

❖ Tata motor

Chapter 2

❖ Bijjaragi History and worries ❖ Organization Profile

❖ Benefits of staff & customer ❖ 7 P's

Phase 3

❖ HR section

❖ Support department

❖ Sales section

Chapter four

❖ Results

❖ Recommendation

❖ Conclusion

❖ Set of questions

❖ Bibliography


This project mainly concentrates on the " Organization Research & Analyze of Client perception and loyalty to BIJJARAGI Power generators Bijapur”.

A consumer may possibly have group of interests, rewards, attitudes and life style before purchasing a product. But there might be a major difference in his preference of inclination after the obtain has been manufactured. In such a position it is difficult for the marketer to know the behaviour from the consumer. With this view in mind your research study will be conducted to discover the consumer preference towards shop and commitment. To carry on the analysis the research has become conducted in accordance with the marketing study process. While the study needs the customer (potential) opinion it will likewise help to know the awareness standard of store and loyalty in Bijapur section and also the thoughts and opinions regarding the automobile as well as the efficiency of bijjaragi Tata engines. The study will even help us to identify the factors that influence to get the store and loyalty that may helpful to business for better improvement of the vehicles & stores. Just for this study I had collected the principal data through questionnaire plus the company magazines, brochures will be collected to get secondary info. To collect major data survey is done on persons (potential customers) this research is limited to the Bijapur region only. The sample size that I acquired taken can be 50.

This study will also help firm to know the client like as well as there require, want & satisfaction in shops. (Like bijjaragi motors, manikbag motors, bhagyodaya motors.


Marketplace area in India continues to be witnessing a lot of changes in rental and Complexity since the previous few years. These improvements include a higher reach of mass media, specifically due to an elevated penetration of satellite Stations, availability of a larger assortment of products. Higher level of customer spending on things other than fundamental necessities, even more discerning choice behavior displayed by consumers, and an obvious Indication of consumer preference for less expensive in product or service.

The passenger car segment inside the automobile market plays a vital role in India. The present day market is such that the passenger vehicle is inexpensive by Middle class persons in metropolitan and semi-urban areas; it is additionally more convenient for traveling short and lengthy distance. Over time the sales figured of the four wheelers has increased to a very large level. The sale of the four-wheeler in 1950 was nearly three hundred units although now the sales possess shot up to millions.

The American indian automobile market is now striding inroads into the rural midsection class after its inroads into the downtown markets and rural wealthy. It is looking to bring in different products to match requirements of various class sectors of customers.

Cars that can be regarded as automobiles had been demonstrated as early as 1769 and 1885 designated the...

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