Media Battle in A. S Essay

Mass media War In Andhra Pradesh

Submitted by-Varun Byreddy,

Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.



Research Methodology1




In different democratic nation, media is a powerful weapon and especially in a country like India it takes on a major position. Print mass media is a very highly effective form of mass communication. Well-known sayings just like " A pen is definitely mightier than sword" tells us the importance of print mass media. Newspapers in India have been playing a better role for a lot of decades. That they played a fantastic role during our independence also. There are numerous newspapers in regional 'languages' also. In Telugu 1st newspaper is usually Andhra Patrika. For many many years many newspaper publishers in Telugu such as Andhra Prabha, Andhra Jyothi, Udayam presented their very own news without any bias and with interpersonal responsibility and so they always got some meaningful standards. But since 1983 there have been many changes in requirements of news shown by Telugu newspapers. Right now there used to be considered a healthy competition among newspapers but every thing changed after the advent of Eenadu. Newspapers got divided based on political get-togethers they support and there are many media which will not have virtually any credibility however only purpose is to countertop the opposite political forces. This kind of developed to such a stage that political market leaders openly criticized newspapers from the opposite group. This is very significant because newspapers have a determining rold in influencing a decider during polls. I chose this specific topic because I want to locate the reasons and motives present behind this kind of wrong portrayal of various media in various papers in the express of Andhra Pradesh. Analysis Methodology

Including archives of newspaper coming from regional dailies such as Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi and Vaartha. National Dailies such as The Hindu and Times of India have also been referred. Few articles from the internet are also referred. Nevertheless the main problems I faced is couple of newspapers do not have online records. Few papers have but of limited period just. Some important articles online dating back to 3 years ago are not obtainable.


In the express of Andhra Pradesh congress was the only ruling get together till 1983. In the Congress party difficulties role was played simply by only one solitary community. Thus politics in Andhra Pradesh meant the internal politics of Congress simply. In 1983 Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao established Telugu Desham Party to counter the congress get together with the concept of Telugu self-respect. At this time Eenadu was a rising Telugu paper and was run simply by Ramoji Rao. The seed products of mis-presentation of news content in Telugu newspapers were sown at the moment. This can be recognized in the words and phrases of Daggubati Venkateshwara Rao the son-in -law of N. T. R " What happened after that everyone knew….. Eenadu stood in back of N. Capital t. R atlanta divorce attorneys even and odds and started blowing pro-TDP trumpets. Though no person knew so what happened between two heads yet Ramoji Rao openly accepted that he previously been nurturing an idea to launch a new regional party….. As Mr. Rama Rao had carried out it, Mr. Ramoji Rao felt you do not have of it again". Eenadu began portraying NTR as the God and printed his pictures which could attract people like choosing bath driving and pictures of large number of people attending his group meetings. Meanwhile Eenadu also provided news against ruling our elected representatives government. This kind of had a great effect on the voters. Finally TDP arrived at power and formed the first non-Congress government in the state of Andhra Pradesh with NTR as C. M. However the same Eenadu paper enjoyed a role against NTR when Chandrababu Naidu became the C. M overthrowing NTR. During this period Eenadu dominated additional newpapers. What ever eenadu had written in its content articles was believed to be true. Income Tax officials under no circumstances dared to raid the offices of Eenadu. Law enforcement officials never moved into offices of Eenadu. Commercial tax officials never troubled about Eenadu. Eenadu practiced influence in...

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