Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study Research Paper

Magnolia Therapeutic Alternatives Case Study

06 25, 2012

BSHS/ 373: Financial Management in Human being Services

University of Phoenix, arizona

Magnolia Therapeutic Solutions Case Study

Magnolia Beneficial Solutions a nonprofit organization in New York City. The organization developed in 1998 simply by Mary Stewart started the organization through scholarhip funding. Over the years the organization prospered and grew into a million dollar organization. Sept. 2010 11, 2001 when Nyc was assaulted by terrorists, brought a new opportunity of funding coming from a give provided from your city, to extend for a season helping while using traumatic experience and the aftermath of Post Traumatic Tension disorder linked to the terrorist attack. When the 12 months of funding for 2001 had finished a new budget was launched including the offer with hopes of a restoration for services. The organization fell short of this of $250, 000. My decision when compared of the board's decision is unique because I would personally not have permitted the budget together with the 2001 grant included, because this was a grant from your city that was to account a program pertaining to only 12 months. Including the budget with the give funding from your city, does not take into account the stableness of the business and does not screen a concern to get the well being of the staff who function there. Additionally , when suspecting that there is available funding pertaining to programs, just before approval from the funding carrying on, does not take into account the needed resources to operate at full convenience of other programs in the business. Those needed resources being used elsewhere in the organization using up the financing needed for the whole fiscal yr. As mentioned above, one of the primary causes of Magnolia's problems is definitely the assumption of accessible funding ahead of authorization in the funding continuous. Magnolia Solutions faltering spending budget imposes dangers of different programs shutting down. Lead-time for scholarhip requests and multiyear courses must be...

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