Librarian Article


1 . one particular Statement in the Problem

To produce a Automate Library Program for them to relieve their approach on how to take care of Library with out hassle. 1 . 2 Current State with the Technology

Camaman-an National High school graduation is elevating a number of learners, from the 12 months 2005 onwards, the school gave the students a prestigious learning rendered simply by teachers and staff. Camaman-an National High School provides the basic facilities required by the college students, one of those will be reference books found in the college library. Collection is the middle of knowledge of every school because it is a place where we can accumulate data and information and at the catalogue, with the library, through the catalogue and for the library we wish to do new things. Their current state of technology continue to relies on newspaper work basis. The stated library system is not yet computerize thus they still employ card magazines & selection cards to get recording system on how students borrow books. The proponents are proposing a computerize library program to minimize the staff's work load on saving transaction for the student's information, books record & for asking for & coming back again books. 1 ) 3 Goals

1 . several. 1 Standard Objectives

The goal of the study was to develop a automate library program for the institution to realise a good and simple access to every files in the library as needed. And also, which will store the student's documents such as present student's basic data, books record, borrowed catalogs, and pharmaceutical of the librarian. 1 . several. 2 Specific Objectives

To be specific, it attempted to satisfy the subsequent objectives: * To be able to build a module that will let the user locate data in a timely manner.

* The module is going to aid the librarian in managing the books and also other library products. In the sense it would be easy for the librarian to know in which a particular publication is located. The librarian will not be required to memorize every single publication in the collection because he...

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