Lesson Program Essay

Lecture 1: Introduction

A. The Take action of Philosophizing: review





The Chinese figure for beliefs is chih shueh. SHUEH is learning. CHIH can be described as character made up of three character types: the hands, the mouth, as well as the measurement. To philosophize to get the Chinese language and Japanese is to measure one's phrases for his deeds. Basically of Confucius, the outstanding man is he who have " functions before this individual speaks and then speaks relating to his action. "

The Hindu word intended for philosophy is usually " darsana" which means " to see. " Seeing below does not mean basically seeing while using eyes or perhaps mind but with the whole becoming, for philosophy in historic India is known as a way of life. No wonder then that doing idea requires seated under a guru, following his paintings, living and interacting with him.

-- this course is definitely not simply research of the diverse philosophies of man, i. e. the different ideas or theories from the philosophers on man, or perhaps human person. it is designed primarily to initiate the scholars, to lead them to philosophize about themselves, about who they are - human folks. As Fr. Roque Ferriols in the first text we will use inside our course feedback: this course " does not teach what philosophy is but for try to supply you with a chance to philosophize. "

- The first thing that we can clarify inside our course is exactly what it means to philosophize. Or more properly, what one will when one particular philosophizes considering that the act of philosophizing is a lot easier to do than to determine like all other activities, elizabeth. g. hockey, dancing, etc . In order to get knowledgeable about the action philosophizing, 1st, we will put it in the context of our day to day activities and experience. We will try to appreciate that philosophizing is at the heart of your common encounters and actions.

- And we'll use the article of Fr. Roque Ferriols, Perception, to help all of us realize this kind of. In this article, Perception, Fr. Ferriols illustrates and explains to us that philosophizing needs to do primarily with having an insight and doing something to fix the issue. And having an insight is one of most usual experiences and activities that we get. then, we all will use this article, The Philosophical Enterprise by simply John Kavanaugh to point out the fact that act of philosophizing can be deeply personal act.

Through this article, all of us will try to seize that:

-- I, me, must get involved in this activity.

- I need to not continue to be as a spectator, distant viewer and inquirer, an audience or perhaps letting other folks do it personally. - My personhood is at stake in the act of philosophizing: my liberation and my progress as a man person.

1 ) " Insight" by Fr. Roque Ferriols, SJ


- the act of philosophizing, carrying out philosophy is due to thinking, plus the crucial element of thinking is INSIGHT. hence, in order to be familiar with act of philosophizing, we have first to clarify what is insight. And to help us understand what perception is, we must consider 3 things:

-- The experience of having an insight

- What can we do with the insight

-- Some repondant or records when doing with insight

1 ) The Experience of Having an Insight

- having an insight is among the most common connection with our day by day life. - And Fr. Ferriols offers us three examples of having an insight to illustrate how common this can be and how it is to have an insight: - The first two examples or perhaps illustrations happen to be two extreme situations in our day today where one experiences having an insight: -- First: ability to hear and getting a faiytale

- Second: the experience of fatality

- The final has to do with how we come to seize number, like #4

we. Hearing and having a Joke

Topple, knock!

Who's there?


Mentos whom?

Mentos, my own knees, my shoulder, my head...

- When we hear somebody telling a faiytale, not everybody gets the joke, i actually. e. not everybody laughs. -- Some is going to immediately laugh. Others is going to take some time to obtain the joke: couple of seconds after, minutes, after, hours after, days and nights after, a few months after, years after…There may also be people who will not receive...

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