Lab 6 Essay

Lab 6

Research 2

1 . It is important that bass caught and marked are returned to the lake unharmed because if they are harmed these people they are more unlikely to be found again or they may end up dying if they happen to be returned hurt. 2 . I actually don't this type of population will be easier to rely directly mainly because I don't believe it would be feasible to capture all of the bass in the population to perform this research. 3. I believe that test size is relative to population denseness and will efficiently affect the accuracy of the approximate because the test size will be an excellent indicator of the human population and give accurate data pertaining to the research. 4. I do believe that 3 quadrats are enough in to have confidence in the estimate mainly because with three quadrants you should have quadrants that could demonstrate a twenty-five, 50, and 75 percentile of your experiment which will be very accurate.

Experiment 2 Research laboratory Report

Using toothpicks to represent bass seafood in our fish-pond (the five x 8” bag); you will use the record recapture solution to estimate inhabitants size. We can say that when we are carrying out an experiment on a particular population, we could take a sample of that inhabitants to give us accurate info on the total population analyzed. In this experiment we attempt to prove this theory correct with the data collected coming from bass fish. The objective of this experiment is usually to show we can get accurate data from a sample with the population. My personal hypothesis about this experiment is that we will get a good analysis on the inhabitants of bass fish from the sample that we take. For this experiment we all used (100) Toothpicks, a few x eight in. resealable bag, and a permanent gun. Then we followed these types of directions: 1 . Place each of the toothpicks (bass) in the five x 8” bag (lake). 2 . At random pull out a small number of the toothpicks.

3. Tag these toothpicks with the marker.

4. Rely the designated toothpicks and record this on the data sheet while " Marked bass in total population”.

a few. Return the marked...

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