How Do Creon from «Antigone» by Sophocles and Bernarda from «House of Bernarda Alba» by Frederico Lorca Respond to Challenges to Their...

Creon, the King of Thebes, and Bernarda, who may be the head of her household are the most powerful characters in their plays. Both equally characters want to have complete control over everything and everybody around them; even so both undergo losses because of their perceptions and use of power. The primary difference among Creon and Bernarda can be how they respond to these deficits and to the challenges to their authority. It really is this feature which the essay will explore.

The House of Bernarda posseses an interesting commencing because it tells us what other characters- namely Poncia and the servant- think of Bernarda. It gives us a very crystal clear and accurate representation with the kind of person Bernarda is definitely. We discover that she is the mother and leader from the household who will be made out to be an entire tyrant-" If perhaps Bernarda will not see points shining here, she'll publish what very little hair My spouse and i still have left. " Via what the maids say apparently even when her husband was alive the lady was in control over the family members, " Her poor husband's earned him self a good snooze! " Her position is definitely firmly proven as brain of the family. Her electricity is displayed by the reality while the two servants hate her they will continue to perform her putting in a bid and continue to be fearful, " Damn her I'd like to stay a hot nail in her eye!... But Now i'm still a fantastic bitch, I actually bark when ever I'm informed. "

Creon's placement is very totally different from Bernarda's. This individual has incredibly recently turn into King of Thebes, he is in fact nonetheless presenting to folks what kind of king he can be. He does this in the first monologue, " I now possess the tub and all the powers... ?nternet site see, the person who assumes the awesome job of placing the city's course, and refuses to undertake the best policies nevertheless fearing someone, keeps his lips locked tight, she has utterly useless. " Right from the start he sets out to do when he said he would, to do what he believes is best but not be influenced by other's point of view. Yet already with the opening from the play it really is clear that there are those...

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