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Shinano in the foot the mountain


The older mother- the primary character of the story, who may have the intelligence that brings to save and benefited their very own land

The young farmer- the child of the aged mother

The daimio-the despotic ruler of Shinano yet later on he learned to provide importance the old folks.


Man vs . Man- the sole antagonist inside the story was the daimio whom proclaimed a law to immediately destroy all the older people.


The story of the older mother is a folktale by Japan. It tells about how exactly great his passion of a mom for her kid. It was proven on their situation when the daimio proclaimed a law purchasing that all the aged people should be offer death. The order filled the cardiovascular of the poor farmer a fantastic sorrow intended for he loves his mother that much. Instead of putting her mother to death inside the hand in the cruel regulation he chosen to give his mother a form mode of death. He took his mother to the bare peak of Obatsuyama- the mountain of the " Abandoning with the Aged” and planned to abandon right now there. On their approach to the said mountain the heart of the loving mom grew anxious for the lady knew that her son will on danger on his way back as they was not familiar to the various mountain pathways. What the mother did she snapped the twigs from the bushes they passed and drop that silently on the path to serves as helpful tips on the way back side of her poor child. " Let not really thine eye be window blind, my son. ” " The pile road abounds with danger. Appearance carefully and follow the route which holds the heaps of twigs. They will information thee to the familiar approach farther down”. - These lines displays the absolute, wholehearted love that the mother has for her boy, an unselfish love that smote the heart with the poor child and made him cried and decided to consider his mom with him backed to their humble shelter in the area. He hid his mom on a walled closet intended for food beneath the kitchen. Period passed and...

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