Homemade Dry out Shampoo Composition

Significance of the Study

Some people dislike washing their hair everyday because it takes time to be dried, especially when you may have long frizzy hair. And most individuals know that regularly using heat tools on the hair can harm and damage it. Applying dry hair shampoo can give flowing hair a break and still freshen up by absorbing oil the hair follicles create at the root base. It's convenient especially about busy days and nights when you terribly lack time to have a shower ahead of returning to function, or during traveling as you don't have usage of a shower room.

For what reason would anyone want to work with dry shampoo, you ask? For starters, it saves on non-recyclable product packaging, because you can consistently use the own storage units and, for another, many of the over-the-counter dry shampoos will cost you more than they're really worth. With the polluting of the environment and changes in lifestyle, people need to equip themselves with health-conscious mindset by simply going natural to combat the revolutionary effects of modern-day living.

This study will make things much easier for people on especially active days and rush hours. Furthermore, it is going to inspire the public to make their own products in their homes, especially that the ingredients are at your fingertips, and the method is easy to adhere to. This will likewise help past buyers reduce costs because inevitably, store-bought dry shampoos are costly. Furthermore, this kind of research encourages frugal living and motivates one's creation.

Statement in the Problem

The research aspired mainly, to search for a substitute for regular shampoo or conditioner by using all natural products blended together which will absorb petrol that makes the head of hair look junk without cleaning it with water. Secondarily, know if it proves effective in cleaning the hair without the utilization of strong chemicals like in typical liquid shampoos and commercially-produced dry shampoos. Lastly, help to make a simple and affordable preparation of it right in one's home besides the commercialized, expensive products we come across in marketplaces.


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