Guests with the Sheik Composition

My personal dear good friend do you not really see how we as girls are brought up and trained to uphold our popularity and our traditions inside our villages and our family members. We know coming from a very early age what the duties and responsibilities will be as ladies and it is the ladies who are responsible intended for caring for their very own husbands, children and the older. We because women are destine to marry only when there is a men within the same family obtainable, such as a 1st cousin, as we would never keep children from all other families which are not known to us. It shock absorbers me that you just and your partner dated (courted) prior to the relationship being consummated. Dating is a term We am not really acquainted with but you claim you have out dated with other males and that you do this a couple of times before you met and married the husband. This would not always be tolerated during my village and in fact it may be a cause for your life that must be taken, as it would be so shameful for our families' standing to have a daughter out with other men from the other families. Guys, in our village can have several girlfriends or wives but mainly it is only seen in wealthy people like the Sheik's harem. Back in the day when my little sister went with the school principal's brother and his friend, none of whom my father knew, for any ride in the country without the permission of our daddy. Had my dad found out it turned out indeed my own little sister (many people told is to protect her from punishment) out pleasure riding with strange males then my personal sister would not just be punished but my dad would be likely to end her life to get she would have got disgraced each of our families term (pg. 257). The type of value that we place on our family standing is great and it is much easier to follow the guidelines then in order to them as you do not get in trouble then. The behaviors you speak of could cause you death from your father in the event that you where born and raised in El Nahra. In our small town it is only an extremely few women who will ever keep the family members for the City to obtain a higher education but it is rare. If perhaps...

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