Google’s Gross annual Report Article

2012 Update in the CEO


Sergey and I founded Google because we thought that creating a great search experience would improve people's lives and, hopefully, the earth. And in the decade-plus gowns followed, we have been constantly delighted by the ways in which people have utilized our technology—such as producing an artificial limb using old patterns discovered online.

But we are going to always fretful do better intended for our users. Excellence concerns, and technology advances so fast the potential for improvement is tremendous. So , since becoming CEO again, We've pushed hard to increase the velocity, improve our setup, and focus on the big gambling bets that will make a difference in the world. Google is a significant company today, but all of us will accomplish more, is to do it more quickly, if we way life together with the passion and soul of the start-up.

In April 2011, I commenced by reorganizing the management team about our primary products to improve responsibility and accountability throughout Google. I actually also started off a huge clean-up. Google has numerous opportunities that, unless we make a few hard selections, we wrap up spreading ourself too thin and don't have the influence we want. And so we have sealed or merged over 35 products, which includes projects like Knol and Sidewiki. In addition , we gave many of our products, such as Search, a visual recharge, and they now have a cleanser, more consistent, and fabulous look.

My spouse and i


Creating a less difficult, more intuitive experience throughout Google has become another important focus. I have usually believed that technology must do the hard work—discovery, organization, communication—so users can do the particular them happiest: living and loving, not really messing with bothersome computers! That means making each of our products interact seamlessly. Persons shouldn't have to navigate Google to obtain stuff done. It should merely happen. As Sergey stated in the memorable way only he can, " We've allow a thousand flowers bloom; today we want to come up with a coherent bouquet. ”

Think about simple actions like sharing or perhaps recommendations. At the time you п¬Ѓnd a great article, you wish to share that knowledge with individuals who will п¬Ѓnd it interesting, too. Should you see a wonderful movie, you would like to recommend this to friends. Google+ makes sharing simple by building a social part across all of our products therefore users match the people whom matter to them.

When you sign up for Google+, you can use Sectors to group people in to different groups, such as " Friends, ” " Family, ” or perhaps " Explode Scientists, ” and then engage with them just like in actual life. You can advise great news articles, websites, and videos to specific Circles, or discuss photos with " Family” straight from your Android device. And the photos are even published for you automatically! To follow individuals with shared pursuits, such as digital photography, just put them to your Circles.


And you can share your personal ideas together with the world, or a smaller group, via the Google+ Stream and have others respond.

It's nonetheless early days, and that we have a considerable ways to go. But these are greatly important adjustments, and with over a hundred and twenty Google+ integrations to date (including Google Search, Vimeo and Android), we are on the right course. Well over 95 million users are participating in Google+, and we're viewing a positive effects across the world wide web, with Google users having the capacity to recommend google search and videos they like—a goal coming from had since that time we began the company. Activity on the Google+ Stream itself is increasing too. We are going to excited about the tremendous velocity with which many people have accumulated over a million followers, as well as the depth with the discussions going on among cheerful, passionate users— all evidence that jooxie is generating real engagement. When I post widely I have a ton of top quality comments, that makes me completely happy and encourages me to hold posting. We strongly inspire all of you to follow me about Google+—I take pleasure in having this new way to...

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