Fidel Castro: Life Summary Research Conventional paper

Fidel Castro was born close to Mayari Cuba in 1926. In 1950, he managed to graduate from the College or university of Havana with a rules degree and opened a law business office with two partners. 2 years later this individual ran for election for the Cuban Residence of Staff. The polls were hardly ever carried out because then dictator Fulgencio Batista halted them and concluded democracy in Cuba. It was perhaps, the defining instant in Castro's life. Because of Batista's actions, Castro put together a small push and assaulted the Moncada Army Barracks in Santiago de Barrica on Come july 1st 26. Castro was captured and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 1955, yet , Batista unveiled him. Castro immediately entered exile in Mexico where he began to teach a group of revolutionaries called the 26th of July Activity. In January 1956, Castro's forces occupied Cuba. The rebels endured losses, but many were able to escape to the Sierra Maestra, a mountain range in southeast Cuba. Following that, Castro could direct his revolution. Over the next two years, he attained increasing support from the Cuban people and on January you, 1959, Batista fled the country. Shortly after Castro took control over the government, associations with the Us declined. In 1960, he took over U. S. petrol refineries in Cuba. The United States then stopped buying Cuban sugar and Castro replied by taking overall U. S i9000. businesses in Cuba. Angered by Castro's actions, Chief executive Kennedy, official an attempt to overthrow the Cuban dictator in 1961, known as the Bay of Pigs attack. The intrusion failed but made Castro wary of another U. S. attempt. Consequently, when Khrushchev offered to place nuclear missiles in Tanque, he arranged. Castro's position in the catastrophe differs considerably from the other two frontrunners. Once he decided to acknowledge the missiles, he dropped control over all their fate. Castro was just a pawn in the international chess match and Cuba was merely a playing field. None Castro neither Cuba had been of great international importance. The missile...

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