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Exactly what the characteristics of the good mother or father? (Word Rely 351)

Father and mother play a major role in the life of any child. Although, the invention of so many playthings and the influence of colleagues have considerably affected little one's behavior of modern time, parents with great traits are able to use these influences to mould the personality and behavior of a kid for the favorable. I believe that ideal parents should be great moral persona, good listener and patience.

Parents needs to have good ethical character, because they are the position models of children. It has been well-known that youngsters are the reflection of their parent's trait. As an example, my parents do not smoke, chance or beverage. They communicate virtue in all of the their activities. They trained us how you can respect to elders, and stay sensitive to other people's feelings all the time. They've been my ideal all my existence, because these were able to brought up six children so well and none individuals went astray.

Furthermore, like a good fan base is very important. When parents have time to pay attention to their children, the communication is definitely open between parties. To illustrate, my mate failed his science subject in school. My parents did not evaluate or scold him, rather they discussed to him and believed his worries. They found that this individual did not appreciate his lessons well because of his assigned seat. He was sitting up coming to an air conditioning unit, and this bothered him.

Having tolerance has a whole lot to do with raising a child. Although kids behavior gets out of hand at times due to selected issues like mood, father and mother exert extra mile of patience to comfort associated with love and care. For example , my sis when the girl was in her elementary years, she declined to attend school. My mom was constantly late to get work, due to my sister's action. She'd always make an effort to bribe her with anything so she would go into category.

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