Organizational Change Essay



Phase 1 . Assumptive foundations of change, approaches, models, strategies and tools 1 . one particular General classification changes, the concept, the scope of

1 ) 2 . Methods to organizational transform

1 . three or more. Models of transform management -- " Theory E" (hard method changes) and " Theory O" (soft method) - company change technique 1 . 4. Methods of organizational change

1 . 4. 1 ) harsh strategies

1 . 4. 2 . Soft methods of organizational change

1 . 4. several. Integral techniques of organizational alter

1 . 5 Reactive and proactive transform management



Relevance of the theme. One of the main complications of modern Russian enterprises is usually their advancement and change relative to the principles with the modern industry and the growing demands in the environment. External conditions from the modern corporation relate to different indicators of its activity require the flexibility of control, and hence effective organizational framework - as one of its most important elements. Corporation and management of the most of domestic corporations not only fulfills the demands of the world, yet also the Russian market. This leads to inefficient management, resulting from which the firm finds itself in a express of crisis or loss in bankruptcy, which in turn slows down economic development generally speaking and difficult to fight Russian companies with foreign rivals. However , the perfect solution to the challenges of development and change organizations, it is important not only for the loss, but also for the successful, active companies. The process of putting into action changes in enterprises and corporations becomes a new conceptual way of management. Regarding this, of particular importance operations change the complete system functioning of the enterprise and its organizational structure, like the processes, people, consumers, and various types and techniques for their practical implementation. Phase 1 . Theoretical foundations of change, techniques, models, strategies and equipment

1 . 1 General classification changes, the idea, the opportunity of

Modifications in our organization due to the reaction of the organization on the expansion environment (communication, requirements and capabilities ). Organizations need to constantly adjust to the environment by which there are. They themselves likewise generate modifications in our external environment, developing and launching new products and systems, which become dominant and are widely disseminated. Change on its own - it is just a gradual or step translation process corporation to the next level by using existing concepts and concepts. The organizational changes include:

- Inside the basic framework - the type and level of business activity, legal composition, ownership, funding, international functions and their effect, diversification, mergers, joint endeavors; - Inside the objectives and activities -- range of products and a set of services, new market segments, customers and suppliers; - In applied technology -- equipment, equipment, materials and energy techniques, Office Technology; - In administrative structures and operations - inside organization, job processes, decision-making processes and management info systems; - Organizational lifestyle - principles, traditions, informal relationships, causes and techniques, leadership design; - In people - supervision and personnel, their proficiency, motivation, patterns and operate efficiency; - The effectiveness of the business - economical, economic, interpersonal and other signals to assess the corporation relationship together with the environment, their very own tasks and new opportunities; - The organization's respect in the business community and society. The concept of change management involves various elements - scientific, structural, methodological, human, psychological, political, economic and others. Customarily presented as being a strategic modify is certainly not frequent, sometimes a single, large-scale change. However , in recent...

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