World Idea Parks Essay

Name of Park| Location| Target Market| 3 Interesting Things to do | Would I go how come or really want to? | Marine Park| Hong Kong, China| All ages, mainly 3-80 years old| * Symbio, Ocean Theatre, Old Hong Kong| I would personally go since I have been there before in addition to many different kind of amusements for all ages| EuropaPark| Germany| Young adults & Adults, 10-40 years old| 2. Enchanted Forest, 360 Intelligence, | We would go since it has a lot of rides and shows, and it is similar to Disneyland| Black Pool Pleasure Beach| England| Youngsters & Teens, 10-25 years old| 5. Nickelodeon Terrain, Ice Skating, Ripley's Believe It or Not! | Yes I might go because there are lots of recreation I have hardly ever heard of like ‘Ripley's Believe that It or Not'| Suoi Tien| Vietnam| All ages, 3-80 years old| * Dolphin Palace, Traditions Festivals, Lazer Zone | Yes I might go there again because not merely were there rides but you may also learn about the culture| Diggerland| UK(Kent, Devon, Oshawa, Yorkshire)| Children, ages 6-13 or men, ages 10-30| * Trip tractors, youngsters parties, JCB racing| Not any I more than likely because I am certainly not interested in tractors and it appears to be boring, and it would mostly attract males| Essel World| India| Family members, all ages, 5-50 years old| * Bowling Alley, Party area, Ice Skating Rink| Probably not simply because there isn't really anything special there that sets them apart from other enjoyment parks| Happy Valley| Beijing| 17-50 years old| 2. Shopping sophisticated, Imax Theater, World History(six zones)| I would personally go because they offer a lot of destinations that no place else has like the six zones, and it is cheap| Shijingshan Amusement Park| Beijing| Youngsters, ages 2-10| * Consider pictures with mascots, ornements, game booths| No We wouldn't. Whether it is basically a duplicate of Disneyland, why not go to the one in Hong Kong? | Dubailand| Dubai| Teens & Adults, from 14-60 years old| 2. Horse-back riding, shop outlet, Autodrome| Certainly I...

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