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п»їChabros International Group: A World Of Wood

Several other companies Chabros International Group faced a financial crisis following the global economic crisis in 2009. The choice from Chami of trading $ 11 million in his Serbian sawmill was acquiring right before first the catastrophe and may have been completely crucial. Why did Chabros operate internationally?

In order to understand Chami's decision we have to take into consideration which causes he argued for expanding his business outside of Lebanon. First of all, Lebanon was a incredibly unstable region and when Chabros received by simply occasion the first purchases from Lebanese customers in Dubai this individual did not think twice to grow into america. In 1998 they will opened their very own first branch outside of Lebanon, which led automatically to a share of risk inside their operations. From this level on Chabros did not rely anymore on one single marketplace. Another important reason behind the enlargement was that that they could considerably increase their product sales numbers. Difference in expansion motivations

Through this first very positive knowledge Chami was convinced about his internationalisation plans wonderful next region on the list was Saudi Arabia. The industry entry was not as easy and successful because the one in Dubai. This is partially as a result of a different technique with Italian language partners being a joint venture which will caused problems through cultural differences (Both Italian associates left industry between the initially and second year). Shortly after this Chabros faced supply problems as a result of a much larger demand than they can deliver on time. Therefore Chabros changed initially their enlargement motivations mainly because they exposed an office in Serbia not in order to grow their business in this region. They widened because that they needed to assure a certain production capacity. Initial Chabros subsidized its distributor but in 3 years ago they obtained the Serbian supplier and entered thus in the making market. Between 2003 and 2007 Chabros also widened into Qatar, Oman, UAE and Egypt. The development into the last two countries were motivated by advantages an increased sales volume level and more affordable purchasing volumes. Besides, the marketplace entry in Egypt is additionally reasoned by another aspect from Chami due to the fact that Egyptians prefer the lower quality product from Chabros. This strategy made certain its revenue for all the different product qualities offered. Shutting parts of Chabros' Serbian Sawmill

However , after facing a significant decrease in revenue and falling into serious crisis Chabros has to decide how to defeat it and one feasible solution is usually shutting down half of the Serbian sawmill. The huge benefits from this step would be first of all a reduction of salaries up to $400, 500 per year. Additionally they would cut costs through less operation costs like in storage space or to get the machines. In addition Chabros will be more flexible since they can easily always re-activate the shut parts once again as soon as the global economy boosts. On the other hand moving away from the half of the employees will mean a high insecurity between the operating staff. The motivation will very likely be highly low resulting in a low output. Thus, there exists a high possibility that the more skilled employees will leave the company as a result of crisis inside the company. Another important fact is that closing parts of the sawmill will only have got a short-term result in the financial account but actually will not be the solution intended for the decreasing sales quantities in Syria. They made up 50% in the total revenue in 08, whereas in 2009 sales in Dubai paid for just for a bit more than a third of Chabros' total sales. Continue conveying to market segments

Another answer to solve the latest financial crisis might be to increase the penetration in the present markets or perhaps entering completely new markets. One interesting fact of staying and expanding in our markets is that besides the advancements in Lebanon there was an overall increase of sales by 10% in all the other...

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