AP Psychology: Stalker Task Research Daily news


•Very observant

•Social beyond class but only with few friends although doesn't seem also close to anyone •Over-achieves to get in golf equipment and have straight A's

•Frowns and makes ashamed faces when ever someone says something your woman doesn't just like •Fixes frizzy hair and investigations herself in mirror frequently

•wears simple clean clothes which i don't observe more than once •Works hard

•Uses time well to end any tasks

•Bends to paper much more than others

•Seems content most of the time nevertheless always rigid in some sort of way

•Very organized compared to most teenagers

•Answers most inquiries posed by tutor, more in classes which might be her class •Punctual

•Stays still mostly and later moves if the movement has an obvious goal (no lower-leg shaking, playing with pen, turning hair with finger, only to twist etc . )•Wants to be familiar with all her surroundings •Likes to keep isolated


•Has something to work for, some form of motivation to accomplish this success •Quick to judge and not used to adding herself in others sneakers •Likes to look her best and is also in a way succinct, pithy

•Distancing herself from other lenders judgements

•Is working towards a particular goal the lady can't hang on to achieve with good skills that will take her right now there •Organized and smart to make use of her time for you to the fullest extent nevertheless can also make use of this excuse to stop speaking with other folks •More targeted or possibly cannot see

•Her content outdoor may be an act but once one appears closer they will see through that and see she is stressed in some manner •Has several OCD inclinations

•Likes to be re-assured that she is on the right track and prior to most students •takes responsibilities significantly

•she is very aimed at task in front of you and almost certainly doesn't just like multitasking

The niche I have selected is silent, academic and quite self disciplined. She actually is from oriental decent and has a casual dressing style. Body language normally shows several stiffness yet face is...

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