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In the book " A New Brand World" (New York 2002), Scott Bedbury tells regarding his act on Nike and Starbucks and in addition gives his evaluation of the brand strategies of a variety of other companies, with the foreseeable result: Harley Davidson " Good", Microsoft " Bad".

We all have our heroes. In the world of brands, the heroes are called such things as Nike, Pepsi, Virgin, Harley davidson Davidson, McDonald's, Starbucks, Distance, etc . Who also aren't familiar with " Just do it" and Nike's swoosh? Along with a array of other factors they make the brand which has been crucial pertaining to bringing Nike to the spearhead position that enjoys in today's market.

Or require a project like coffee beans. Whom dares speculate how many cups of terrible caffeine are intoxicated worldwide daily? A company which has made it the cause to eradicate 'terrible coffee' is Starbucks, and so they have in something resembling record period gone via being a small , local shop in north-western UNITED STATES to become among the world's leading brands. Coffee hasn't turn into particularly better in futurist circles, but the story of Starbucks indicates how a futurist company can turn a market inverted and start a wave that focuses on additional parameters than " several for a tenner".

Nike and Starbucks have many things in keeping, including that their brands were developed by Scott Bedbury, author of " A New Brand World". Bedbury was with Nike for seven years the man who also in co-operation with Phil Knight put the foundation pertaining to " Simply do it" thus Nike's upswing through the nineties. In 95, Bedbury visited Starbucks where he through four years performed his portion to make the Starbucks brand global. Since 1998, Bedbury did as a specialist and is today advisor to get e. g. Coca-Cola.

In " A brand new Brand World", Bedbury speaks of his work on Nike and Starbucks and in addition gives his evaluation of the brand strategies of a range of other companies, with the expected result: Harley Davidson " Good", Microsoft " Bad".

All in all, you need to be humble. Whatever Bedbury may well write or perhaps think, he has tested that it performs in the actual.

The book can be browse at many levels. As Scott Bedbury's travels through the world of brands and the findings and activities he had. Or perhaps as a recipe book for company managers globally who might struggle with the eternal query: How do I produce a world-class manufacturer? No matter what the standard of ambition can be, this is an interesting contribution for the discussion of long term brand approaches.

But if you set your expectations high - in this case of up to the recommendations on the back in the book -- you certainly risk getting somewhat disappointed - and you will be. The dissatisfaction is hence hard to swallow when Bedbury within the last chapter traces seven manufacturer development rules, which this individual considers true for all brands. The principles are:








Possibly such a list, the first thought that all hits you is that several is a almost holy number (all good American management literary works apparently exists in the seventh heaven with 7 guidelines for how you can turn the tiniest mom-and-pop shop into a global corporation in 7 days).

The second thought is whether this sort of a number of concepts can stand the bullshit test:

" I would like to produce a corporate company, which is complicated, made in a few seconds, irrelevant, hard to reach, inhuman, communicated into a small group, as well as very traditional. "

Sure, right.

You can of course declare it isn't good to ask for the answer to what makes a world-class brand in a single book (especially if the author is a consultant). Yet Bedbury can be precisely in a unique position compared to nearly all other logos literature, which will far too often is written by individuals that rarely experienced the opportunity to get into the extremely heart of a corporate company and still be able and opportunity to influence it.

Bedbury is at line - and very good company -- with other brand gurus...

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