1g-5g Article

Algirdas Vičas RT-0/1 study.

Wireless portable technologies: your five generations


Telecomunication has always been crucial part of humans life. In last five dacades it had many changes, so I would want to introduce extremely important part of the modern word marketing communications: five years of wifi mobile connection. During years wireless cellular technology is promoting alot and developed into many diferent improvements, which is my research topic. Using information, which I received on the net, mostly wikipedia, I will make an effort to define already developed years, its background, technology, its parameters, also I will discuss wireless technology future ideas which will impact future community communications. From this research Used to do social survey and also added a questionnairy to my personal research newspaper. This subject is related to my own studies becouse I‘m pupil of telecomunications engineering, thus i located out a whole lot of useful information I didn‘t find out and I think it can be very important down the road to have a deep knowledge in this part of marketing and sales communications.



This article whrites about creation and developement of 1G – first genereration wifi phone technology. Given data can be split up into three parts: In the first part there may be written about diferences between first generation and second generation wireless telephone techologies, the way in which data is usually transfered and parameters of first technology technolgy. Inside the second portion it is discussed how 1G works in different countries, you will find mentioned what different standarts were developed in different reagions of the world, furthermore information is given about Japans few independent standarts. Ongoing onto the third part of the content there is several information about 1G historical collection of releasing, and population, firstly it truly is written about Japan, as it created 1G, and later, about various other countries which usually decided to install it.


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