Get Ideas on How to Write a 5 Page Research Paper

Research papers play an important role in each career aspiration, thus making it crucial to master sufficient writing skills. How to write a 5 page research paper? This assignment requires unique approaches to assure the highest quality delivered. Its style and approach depends on the page count, so writing 5 pages is different from how students approach 20-page thesis papers and other assignments because they require implementing different research levels to deliver accurate findings and investigations to readers.

How to Start This Writing Process

First, students need to identify the number of pages of their research papers (5 pages) before preparing any materials to be added. This assignment always requires the following:

  • An executive summary;
  • Introductory and concluding paragraphs that account for about 10% of a total word count;
  • The main body.

Writing a good research paper of this kind is a tricky business for some people.

  • Identify all headings and subheading in advance;
  • Calculate specific word counts that can fit 5 pages;
  • Start converting your research into academic writing to shorten your relevant research findings to fit a given word count while retaining their full meaning;
  • Use simplified terminologies and language to make your draft easy to understand to readers because they may not fully understand any difficult words;
  • Consider the audience’s perspective before deciding how to complete this assignment because a certain level of understability should be achieved.

When writing the research papers that target a specific subject, be sure to use the terminologies necessary to deliver a proper understanding and clarity about your knowledge. For example, when dealing with medical research papers, use specific medical terms to describe how you’re versed with a given subject. The same rule applies for such subjects as biology and chemistry because they require students to demonstrate their knowledge by using the terminologies that are unique to these fields of study. Use special terms to score the highest marks for your 5-page research paper.

Learning how to write a 5 page research paper usually requires students to perform their adequate research to identify the main points linked to a topic. Take similar papers and their results into consideration because this step helps decrease the effort required to conduct your own research and delivers simpler approaches linked to completing this assignment. In many situations, research writing is confused with essay writing, but they are quite different and their differences should be understood to deliver the best results.

Steps to Produce a Good Research Paper

  1. Carefully research your topic because it’s an initial duty of any students completing this task. Gather enough information about it and look through different sources to understand a specific subject better. Learn something new about it to have wiser ideas of what to describe in your 5-page paper.
  2. Prepare an outline to plan the whole process of writing accurately. It’s hard to compose a good paper if you don’t arrange this process wisely. Your outline is expected to mention all important sections, issues, thought-provoking points, etc. This assignment consists of 3 basic parts, as you already know.
  3. Write a good starting paragraph to draw readers’ interest and clarify the main subject. Prepare a strong thesis to make your research paper sound better and ensure that it’s precise.
  4. Write the main body and summarize your findings. Divide the main body into separate paragraphs to describe personal ideas and observe the chosen problem from different sides. Conclude your analysis to give readers the results of your research and show the relevance of this subject through catchy quotes or other writing tools.